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Stop Flag Retaliation on STEEM! Rename them to downdoots so nobody gets annoyed. Nobody can be mad at getting downdooted


Our licence is a slightly modified MIT Licence. We have added this:

Whilst using DownDootJS, you may not engage in any retaliatory downvotes on the STEEM Blockchain. Retaliatory meaning in retaliation to a downvote recieved, with no other reason.


Our userscript has only been tested with Tampermonkey which has great support for wildcards. It supports Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Edge (as well as some less well known ones) so I believe it to be the best choice. Feel free to use your own userscript software, but it may not work.

To install it, visit this link, it will open with your userscript manager (make sure you install one first): https://www.conor.icu/DownDootJS/DownDoot.user.js


We encourage you to contribute to the plugin to make it more efficient. Please fork and then submit a PR detailing what you have changed.

Our current tests are as follows (please check these - note they may not work perfectly atm):

Please also note, we respect capitalisation, so:

  • Downvote becomes Downdoot
  • downvote becomes downdoot
  • Flag becomes Downdoot
  • flag becomes downdoot