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HiveEngineGo - A client for the Hive Engine side chain on the Hive blockchain

At this time, there are only a few functions from the client. More will be added.

Example usage:

create a client:

herpc := hiveenginego.NewHiveEngineRpc("http://MyHiveEngineApi")

Query latest block info:

latestBlockInfo, err := herpc.GetLatestBlockInfo()
//Returns a struct
latestBlockNum := latestBlockInfo.BlockNumber

Get All NFT of a given symbol (return rpc resonse as raw bytes):

rawNftBytes, err := herpc.GetSymbolAllNftFast("STAR")

Get block range as the raw response from the rpc (in bytes):

rpcResponsesBytes, err := herpc.GetBlockRangeFast(start, end)

WARNING: It is not recommended to stream blocks from public APIs. They are provided as a service to users and saturating them with block requests may (rightfully) result in your IP getting banned