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# dLux Start Manager Shell Script
# Copyright CADawg 2021
DIRX=$(dirname $(readlink -f $0))
if test -f "$DIRX/install/DONOTDELETE"; then
echo "Welcome Back!"
echo "Hello there. Let me get this setup for you!"
# Crontab setup for restart script
crontab -l > mycron
echo "*/5 * * * * $DIRX/instances/ > /dev/null 2>&1" >> mycron
crontab mycron
rm mycron
touch "$DIRX/install/DONOTDELETE"
# Install pm2
npm i -g pm2
echo "Enter Your DLUX NODE's Hive Username"
read username
echo "Enter The Active Key for the account"
read activekey
echo "Enter The Memo Key for the account"
read memokey
PORTX=$(cat "$DIRX/install/NEXTPORT")
echo $(($PORTX + 1)) > "$DIRX/install/NEXTPORT"
git clone $DLUXFOLDER
touch "$DLUXFOLDER/.env"
echo "account=$username" >> "$DLUXFOLDER/.env"
echo "active=$activekey" >> "$DLUXFOLDER/.env"
echo "memo=$memokey" >> "$DLUXFOLDER/.env"
echo "PORT=$PORTX" >> "$DLUXFOLDER/.env"
npm i
pm2 start index.js --name "dlux-$username"
pm2 save
echo "Done! Your new node is setup and will be automatically updated every day."