DuckDuckGo-style Instant answers for @neevaco (Unofficial)
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Neeva Quick Answers

DuckDuckGo-style Instant answers for @neevaco (Unofficial)


  1. Install tampermonkey.
  2. Visit to install it (click install when tampermonkey asks)
  3. search sha256 test as your first query (the first query has to use a page which has no special results at the top due to the way it clones the elements. (Also needs to be done on subsequent plugin version updates that modify HTML)

If you load it on a page with special elements first, go into the localStorage in your browser (while on neeva) and delete the instantAnswerDetail and instantAnswerVersion values and then repeat step 3 above to get a correct instant answer.


sha256 string to hash


sha512 string to hash




urlencode non url encoded string £€$



Contributions are always welcomed, including additional instant answers. Simply copy an existing one and replace the parts you need to make it work.


The script version in the comments at the top should always be updated when a change is made.

The const version should only be updated when the way the HTML is generated has changed (adding new rules does not require this to be updated).

Examples of instant answer code

See for the 2 different formats of instant answers.